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For the past 20 years we have endeavoured to meet the need for healthy, great tasting food while addressing the reality of common allergies. The incidence of nut allergies is growing, especially amongst children.   To answer this need, we've developed five products that are completely nut free.      

Free & Lo Muesli - Nut & Gluten Free
Free & Fruity Muesli - Nut & Gluten Free
Berry Muesli - Nut & Wheat Free
Sports Muesli - Nut Free
Multigrain Porridge - Nut Free

Not sure which of Monster Health Food Co's 

great tasting Nut Free products to buy? 

Then why not try our Taste Tester Nut Free pack. 

Two of each of our Nut Free Range in 60g Breakfast in a Bag™

Nut Free Breakfast
Nut Free Breakfast in a Bag

We have been making Nut Free products in our factory for over 23 years. Our manufacturing facility has been set up specifically with allergies in mind. We have no moving parts in the material handling equipment.  All our food contact equipment are plain flat surfaces made from food grade stainless steel and which are able to be completely disassembled for cleaning at the start of every production run.

An excellent source of information on nut allergies can be found at Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia.