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Environment and Community

At Monster Health Food Co., we actively participate in our industry for the benefit of our community . Click on the logos on the side - at bottom for Mobile users - for details of programs we are involved in.


Our approach to the environment is very hands-on with direct action.

In 2004-05 we were asked to be involved in the Cleaner Production Program run by the NSW Government. It was a fantastic experience for a small company like ours. The program resulted in improving our training and manufacturing techniques such that our waste level was reduced from 5% to less than 0.5% - where it remains today. Our efforts were recognised within the program with the receipt of an award. That has lead to us being a foundation member of the Food Cluster in the NSW Government's Sustainability Advantage Program, so our commitment to the environment continues. More information on Sustainability Advantage is available by clicking on the logo below.

In manufacturing, we hold the twin philosophies of "+1,-1" and "only what you need".

+1,-1 means "+1 more use, -1 level of packaging". All our products come in stand-up resealable bags which can be made secure using the zipper seal after use (i.e. no spillage = only what you need). When finished, other uses can be found for the bag. For instance, a customer of ours told us once that they use them to pack the kids school lunches - showing +1 more use.

We use bags because to use a box (like the majority of our competitors - big and small) would mean two levels of packaging - the box and an inner bag (required for health reasons). Having just a bag leads to -1 less level of packaging.

In a supermarket, if a carton is dropped or damaged it is rejected and replaced. Bags aren't damaged when dropped, so they can be put straight back on the shelf and not rejected

Our outer cartons are sized and made of a specific cardboard grade to be able to be stacked to the a very high height so can be transported either within Australia or overseas. They fit tightly into a container without fear of collapse, in which case they would be rejected as damaged and therefore waste. The higher we can stack cartons means more product is moved for the same amount of fuel, making it more energy efficient.

In our factory, any suitable sized bags are taken home for use a the home rubbish bin - i.e. = +1 more use. And all waste cardboard and paper are disposed of in a Cardboard recycling bin as is all the plastic waste in a Plastics Recycling bin. And our car is a hybrid so we use far less fuel.

Community & Industry

We are directly involved in the campaign by AWASH to reduce the amount of Salt in our foods. Salt is added for improved taste but also can mean health problems. We support AWASH as their approach is consistent with our "Balanced Taste" philosophy which guides all our past and future product developments. Click on the AWASH symbol to the left - below for mobiles - for more information and to support their aims.