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Tropical Muesli is Dairy Free with Mango and Macadamia and suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Tropical Muesli
Free & Lo is Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Nut Free, can be used as a porridge and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Free & Lo
Choc-Lish Muesli nut free with dark chocolate and chia
Multigrain Porridge is Nut Free and Dairy Free with Low GI and  40% less fat and suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Multigrain Porridge
Berry Muesli is nut free, wheat free and dairy free and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Berry Muesli
Free & Fruity Muesli is gluten wheat and nut free,  FODMAP friendly and suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Free & Fruity
Sports Muesli is Nut Free and Dairy Free and is suitable for active people and vegans and vegetarians
Sports Muesli
High Fibre Muesli is dairy free high in fibre with dates and almonds and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
High Fibre
Breakfast in a Bag

At Monster Health Food Co., we make all our products ourselves - no outside manufacturer.

Although we specialise in diet specific products - gluten, wheat, nut-free, vegan and vegetarian - we make products for all tastes. In addition, all our products are dairy, egg and soy-free and non-GMO.

Our unique manufacturing system has been developed over many years to achieve what we call "Balanced Taste" - maintaining taste whilst minimising levels of fat, salt and sugar. Why is that important and significant?

Taste is made up of fat, salt and sugar. If a food tastes great then it almost certainly contains a high level of one if not all, of those three things. For example, many food products which claim to be low fat make up taste by increasing the levels of the salt and/or sugar. Increasingly this is becoming an issue, with organisations such as AWASH dedicated to the reduction of salt in foods. In August 2011, Choice Magazine compared 159 muesli and found many had higher levels of fat than hamburgers and our Sports and High Fibre Mueslis were listed in the top 20 all rounders.

If you are not sure of which of our delicious products to choose or just want more info compare their Nutritional and Claims and the Ingredient Listing Comparison .

If you wish to buy, our products are available from  around Australia  through Healthy Life as well as Harris Farm Markets stores. All products are also available from our online store or you can buy direct from the respective product page - free shipping to most locations in Australia. Thanks.