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Breakfast in a Bag!

convenient, portable, healthy

Breakfast on the go
Breakfast in a Bag Range

Ever wanted a simple and convenient breakfast away from home? Then Monster Health Food Co.'s new Breakfast in a Bag single serve is what you need, fitting snugly in your pocket or purse.

It's simple to use - just rip off the top, pour in milk or yoghurt and eat straight from the bag! No fuss, no mess, just the satisfaction of a proper breakfast.

The 60g serve of Breakfast in a Bag means you get a full breakfast - it is not a snack or a drink but a full, fair dinkum breakfast serving. With a cup of your favourite tea or coffee it's all the breakfast you need - anywhere, any time.

Great for the office and ideal for camping or travelling.

Perfect for diet control - you know exactly how much you are eating. No guess work or kitchen scales, just the same amount every time.

Breakfast in a Bag now comes in all of our varieties from our online store or at selected locations around Australia.