Ingredients - Listing and Comparison

Listed below are all of the ingredients for all of our products so you can compare. Click on the product name for more details on a particular product.

We try where possible to have preservative-free fruit, but those with preservatives have their identification number listed. Click on their names for more information.

To check the Nutritional and Claims of each of our products click here».

Choc-LishFree & Lo MuesliFree & Fruity MuesliBerry MuesliSports MuesliTropical MuesliHigh Fibre MuesliMultigrain Porridge
Rolled Oats X XX  X X X
Rolled Barley  X X
Rolled Triticale X X X X
Rolled Wheat X X X X
Rolled Rye X
Rolled Rice X X X
Quinoa X
Chia X X X
 Lupin Flake X X X X
Linseeds X X X X X X
 Pepitas X X X X X X X
Sunflower Seeds X X X X X X
Buckwheat X X X X X
 Puffed Rice X X X X
 Cocoa Puffed Rice X
Wheat  Bran Straws (NASS) X X X
 Macadamias X
Rice Bran Shred X X X
Sultanas X X X X X
Apricot - Dried (220) X
Cranberry X X
Blueberry (preservative free) X X
Strawberry (preservative free) X X
Pear (preservative free) X
Mango -  Dry, Diced (220) X
Papaya - Dry, Diced (220,330) X X X
 Dates - Dry, Diced X
Almonds X
Banana Chips (sugar) X
Coconut Chip (223) X
Chocolate ChipsX
Oat Bran X X XX  X
Golden Syrup X X X X X X