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High Fibre Muesli

Monster Health Food Co High Fibre Muesli is all natural and almost one quarter fruit and nuts. Packed with this much fibre, one serve each morning gives you 18% of your recommended fibre intake. With yummy, healthy fruit such as papaya, dates and apricots, along with plenty of almonds and sunflower seeds, it’s the perfect way to start your day, and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.You can enjoy High Fibre Muesli with milk or yoghurt. Add a drizzle of honey and some slices of your favourite fruit if you like.

Check out the Ingredient details for more information of all the great stuff that makes High Fibre so delicious. To see how it compares to our other muesli have a look at the Nutritional Comparison.

Preparation Instructions for High Fibre Muesli

Pour High Fibre Muesli into a bowl and milk or your favourite milk substitute. If you like your muesli a bit softer, then simply microwave for 1 minute. Or use High Fibre muesli in any of the delicious recipes on our Recipes page.

Also available from...

High Fibre Muesli is available from Harris Farm Markets and selected independent supermarkets and Harris Farm Markets stores as well as hundreds of other outlets. Also available from our online store with free delivery anywhere in Australia, Contact us to locate an outlet closest to you.