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schoko musli - European style chocolate muesli

Health Star Rating
4.5 star Health Star Rating

Choc-Lish is a great way to start kids or adolescents eating healthy breakfasts! They will love it and it's good for them.

Choc-LIsh is inspired by the favourite style of muesli from the birthplace of muesli - Europe.  Schoko Musli (Chocolate Muesli) is popular because it appeals to all ages in the family from young children though teenagers to adults and the elderly. Wth Choc-Lish we wanted to emulate the style for that reason but we wanted a high Health Star Rating (HSR) which we did with a HSR of 4.5 and it is wheat free! We use only the highest quality Aussie ingredients such as Cadbury Dark Chocolate, Tasmanian Walnuts, Australian Chia seeds and Lupin from Western Australia mixed with Australian Rolled Oats.