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By: miguela | June 26, 2014

Australian-made, family-owned breakfast food company takes lead in delivering transparency in food labelling to Australian consumers


Sydney, April 16, 2014 Monster Health Food Co. (MHFCo.), an Australian-made and family-owned breakfast food company, has today launched Australia’s first products to display a Health Star Rating on its packaging. The new front-of-pack labelled products will be on supermarket shelves from this week. The first two products introduced each have a Health Star Rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


The Health Star Rating system was developed by industry, consumer, and public health groups with support from government. The Health Star Rating gives an overall indication of a food’s nutritiona...

By: miguela | June 26, 2014

Dear Valued Customers,

Over the coming weeks you will notice your favourite Monster muesli varieties will have a new addition to their packaging – a Health Star Rating . We are extremely proud to announce that we are the first company to have the Health Star Rating on our packaging.

The Health Star Rating was developed by industry,consumer, and public health groups with support from the Australian Department of Health for you – the consumer. The Health Star Rating gives an overall indication of a food’s nutritional quality and provides an overview of the key nutrients within the product – such as salt, fats, sugars and protein and fibre. A product can score anywhere from a half to 5 stars, with 5 stars being heal...

By: miguela | June 26, 2014

!September, 2013

Monster Health Food Company, an Australian made and family owned breakfast food brand, has today launched a new addition to their already extensive list of muesli products, Breakfast In A Bag. The pre-packaged breakfast bags come in 60-gram single servings, allowing for milk or yoghurt to be poured into package, addressing a nation-wide need for breakfast offerings that are easy to eat, portioned controlled and off the shelf.

Monster Health Food Company has identified a gap in a market where people are time-poor and are seeking a breakfast cereal that is convenient, tasty and healthy.

“The concept of breakfast on the go is certainly not a new concept in the Australian market,” says Kim Lauman, one half of the husband-and-wife ...