About Us - The Monster Health Food Co. / Monster Muesli Story

Monster Health Food Co. (formerly Monster Muesli) has been owned and operated for more than 20 years by Kim & Trevor Lauman. We are an Australian family company who develops and makes all our own products ourselves with no outside manufacturing. "Free From" products - gluten-free, nut-free, preservative-free and wheat-free - are our specialty.

We started Monster Muesli because we wanted to see our four kids grow up - something not possible in the corporate world. Now all four are on their way in their diverse and respective fields, ranging from actor to paramedic.

Starting with only one product - what is now Sports Muesli - we saw the need for healthy products which tasted great. Given that taste is essentially made of fat, salt and sugar, we took on the challenge of making good tasting products with low or moderate levels of these three things, and thus we developed our concept of "Balanced Taste".

In turn, we developed a unique manufacturing process to achieve this "Balanced Taste" and only develop products which fit within this philosophy.

In August of 2011, Choice magazine surveyed 159 mueslis (yes, 159!) and two of our products - Sports and High Fibre - were selected in the top 20 "Best of all (nutritional) Worlds". High Fibre was subsequently featured on TV on Today Tonight as one of the top 4 mueslis. For us, this vindicated our "Balanced Taste" philosophy. Choice Magazine's survey can be seen here.

We make all our products in our factory in Sydney where we have installed modern machinery to provide consistently high quality products. As our main business is with gluten-free products, our factory is set-up such that complete clean down is both fast and effective. All food contact areas are flat surfaces of food grade stainless steel.

All our products go through a metal detector and checkweigher ensuring they are not only free of metal but also the correct weight. Metal detection is important with muesli because it is made from natural and unprocessed ingredients and can contain naturally occurring foreign matter such as stones. Our metal detector picks up ferrous (Iron) and non-ferrous (aluminium and stainless steel) foreign matter which is important because many stones contain enough ferrous content to be detected and then rejected. That's why we use straight plastic bags, not metalised bags, as it is impossible to metal detect a sealed metalised bag.

We are committed to the environment and our industry and community and welcome feedback.